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Q: I have a life threatening peanut allergy. Would you recommend that I use your coconut oil?

A: Peanut oil is present in the facility that manufactures our coconut oil. You’ll see on our labels: Processed in a facility that also processes peanut oil.


Q: Are your products gluten free?

A: Our products are naturally non-gluten, however they are not all certified gluten-free. At present, our chia seed and coconut flour are certified gluten-free
and we are actively pursuing gluten-free certification for other products, in response to requests from our customers.


Q: I have Celiac disease / severe gluten-intolerance. Do you recommend that I use your products?

A: We recommend that you consult your health care provider as to whether it is necessary for you to consume only certified gluten-free products.


Q: I see you mention soy on your labels. Do any of your products contain soy?

A: No, our products do not contain soy.


Q: Do your products contain dairy?

A: No, our products do not contain dairy.


Q: Does your coconut flour contain corn?

A: Coconut products are processed in a dedicated facility. No corn, cornstarch, or anticaking agents are present in the coconut flour or bags.


Q: I have a tree nut allergy. Would you recommend that I use your products?

A: Our products do not contain tree nuts (other than coconut which is recognised as a tree nut) but are packaged in facilities that also process tree nuts.
We advise you to make sound purchasing decisions based on individual sensitivity and risk tolerance.


Q: Do your products contain sulfites?

A: No, our products do not contain sulfites.


Q: Are your products Organic?

A: All of our products have the following certifications: Organic, Non-GMO, Kosher


Q: What other products are present in the same manufacturing facilty?

A: The following items are present in the same manufacturing facility: Peanut products (unrefined oil), Tree Nuts (unrefined oils: Coconut, Almond, Walnut),
Dairy products (milk powder), Soybean products (unrefined oil), Egg, Wheat (flour products)


Q: What should I do when the product shows out of stock?

A: Please call us on 08450 725 825 to confirm accuracy of stock.


Q: Where do you deliver?

A: Anywhere in the UK and Northern Ireland. 

We ship to most EU countries except Cyprus, Iceland and Malta


Q: What are your shipping costs?

A: UK - Free delivery on all orders over £30.00, otherwise shipping is £3.99

Northern Ireland
- Free delivery on all orders over £70.00, otherwise shipping is £10.00

- shipping £15.00


Q: Can I return a product?

A: Yes of course you can, please click here to view Nutiva's Returns Policy


Q: What do I do if my product(s) arrives faulty?

A: We will replace/refund it, please click here to view Nutiva's Returns Policy


Q:How long do I have to return a product(s)?

A: The UK Distance Selling Regulations entitles you to cancel the contract for the purchase of any item within 7 working days of delivery.
However, Nutiva allows you 14 days for your convenience.


Q:Can I pay with Paypal?

A:Yes you can pay with Paypal, when you click on 'my cart' which is located on the top right hand side of your screen, you will be directed to your shopping cart where you will see two options below your grand total 'proceed to checkout' and 'checkout with Paypal'


Once you click on the 'check out with Paypal' option you will be directed to the Paypal login page where you can login
to your account to make the payment for your order.



Q: What should I do if I forget my login details?

A: Please click here if you need to reset your password.

All you need to do is fill in your email to request a new password. An email will be sent to your email address containing a link to verify your email address.


If you have any further questions please use our contact us form


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